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I am me! Ha! Ha! Someone who likes to laugh - even when the jokes aren’t that funny…! Ok, let’s try again : who am I? Hmmmm excellent question. I would say that I’m someone who likes making music. All sorts of music. Children’s music. Classical music. And also pop, jazz, and world beat. Forever music. I teach it, write it, sing it, play it. It is fun, inspiring and liberating. It saves me interminable psychotherapy sessions. Music balances me out and accompanies me at all times.

CONFESSION : Hardly a secret. As you well know I don't do updates as much as I should though I've made some progress. Really I have, I have. Haven't I??? I'm pretty sure. Anyways I also have a Facebook page and sometimes my posts go first on there. Or they're different posts from here. But good news. You can follow me there too! Wow! 

MIND BOGGLING STATSTICS : Have to make sure to cross my t's and dot my i's on these write-ups because...drum roll...this site receives over 14 000 visits A YEAR!!!! And I'm talking real visits according to the colourful yet serious looking graph. Can't argue with those. So not hits nor other cryptic acronyms but true blue visits! Which is perfect as I have a great espresso machine for my guests. Ha! Ha! Okay maybe I should update my bio and other parts of the site instead of succumbing to the temptation of silliness...But seriously : thank you for stopping by here. I really and truly appreciate it. 

A musical Spring around the corner!

Yes - finally an update on my website! My computer was being mean to me. Boo hoo. Thank goodness music is my friend! :)


My choir piece premier. Yay!


Title : The Wolf and the Forest. A piece for two part choir and piano. It will be sung by the CSEM choir. Director Patricia Abbot. Saturday May 4, 2019. Please go to Shows for details - it's a date!


A show for the St.Jean!

Come one and all to celebrate Quebec's national holiday! June 23 at 3 p.m. though time might change. But come early! As of 1 p.m. - lots of activities on the agenda. At Parc Laurier in Montreal.

Recent event:

It was February 14th and the theme was...Saint Valentine's. Lovely daycare with a special kids and grandparents day. As memorable as it was adorable!






Video of my song C'est Noël! (It's Christmas!).Sung by the grades 5 and 6 from elementary school des Marguerite. Choral director : Felicitas Bordianu. On keyboards : myself:) On saxophone : Gaëtan Boucher who is also the...vice-principal! When musicians find each other! The following is my musical way of wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and an unbelievable year 2019. Your are numerous to visit this site and for this I am grateful. My updates are makeshift but oh well... as long as I can share the passion that keeps me vibrant and alive : music. Enjoy the video. xo   




Sabrina, 11 years, playing Snakes and Ladders. A piece written by her mother (hmmm wonder who that is??? ha! ha!). The piece will be part of Tales vol.3. It is being played here at the Canada Music Week gala held on November 18 at Cegep de Saint-Laurent. 


The 2nd volume of Little Tales is on its way! Here is a sneak preview of the cover! :



HALLOWEEN IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Here is Alexandra the Witch with Florence her owl! They're all set to go to kids' parties and daycares. Next show on October 31 at a daycare. Book now for a show in your area!


The pieces from my piano part, Little Tales Volume 1, are now on Quebec's École de musique Vincent d'Indy exam list. Go on compositions for ordering and more info!







A charming "story time" style video from my multi-talented producer, photographer and...videographer : Adam Cavaluzi!

It was on June 23rd in Quebec...


I celebrated Quebec's national holiday at this family event! Parc Laurier, Plateau-Mont-Royal, Montreal. Dancing, singing and having a great time with kids and teddies! Photos and videos to come.




Pirate souvenirs from latest show! At Salon maternité, paternité, enfant in Montreal. A joyful moment with my daughter Sabrina her friend and all the kids there.



A while back : 


Plateau Mont-Royal library. December 2017.



Halloween show. Mile End Library. October 2017. With a fun comment from the producer : "Hi Alexandra! I heard from the spectators that they love the show. Thank you!" (Original French comment : Bonjour Alexandra ! J'ai eu des échos de la part des spectateurs et ils ont adoré. Merci !) Tourmaline Ren. M.S.I. Youth librarian


JOURNÉES DE LA CULTURE - Town of Mount-Royal Library. September 2017







It was Sunday, September 17, 2017. A beautiful sunny day with kids that carried the sun in their eyes!

Quote from Lidia, 10 years : “That was an awesome show! Especially with the piano. I loved the movements!” 

Do I need more to validate my calling? Melodies to stimulate the ear. Characters to fire up the imagination. Movements for coordination. But most rewarding the fun these kids have!

Thank you to Adam Cavaluzi - my incredibly talented producer and graphic illustrator. Thank you to all that participated in my fundraising campaign. You participated in making a dream come true…


For song LYRICS and more details on the album simply visit ALBUM








Hi! I just completed a page for the album Le carnaval des toutous! with lyrics, links to iTunes and CDBaby, and my beluga implications. Check out the page. You'll be able to listen to the entire Mon béluga song as often as you wish - yay!










Le Magazine Île-des-Soeurs.






It was an honour and a privilege to present myself at the Je t'aime en chocolat festival. A special sixth edition that underlined Montreal's 375 anniversary. Wonderful musical and gourmet souvenirs!